Aqua Diversion System Perf Balls

Our FULLY DISSOLVABLE Aqua Diversion System perf balls are ball diverters designed specifically for the plug and perf hydraulic fracturing

application.  Make sure that when you’re searching for biodegradable ball sealers, you are, in fact, getting a fully dissolvable ball sealer.  Make better use of your proppants by ensuring the proper concentration is achieved in your reservoirs where you want it.

Improve your cost-efficiency with our Aqua Diversion System perf balls today and make more effective use of your treatment, which will ultimately increase your oil production. Whether your focus is primary fracs or refracs, using our Aqua Diversion System perf balls in combination with our Aqua Diversion System particles allows you to maximize diversion of pressure and fluid to stimulate more of your reservoir.

Ball Diameter: Standard size is 0.875″ – Custom sizes include 0.500”, 0.625”, 0.750” and 1.000” (Inquire about other sizes)

Density: 1.39 g/cc

Working Density: 1.35 – 1.45 g/cc



Aqua Diversion System Particles

Aqua Diversion System particles allow you to temporarily isolate and block previously stimulated perforations in order to divert pressure and fluid flow to other unstimulated parts of your formation.  This creates more stimulated reservoir volume.  The fluid mechanic properties of Aqua Diversion System Particles mimic those of proppants and our proprietary formula is inert, avoiding chemical reactions. Using this in combination with our Aqua Diversion System perf balls allows you to stimulate more of your reservoir in primary fracs as well as refracs.  Particle pricing is per ton and orders are customized to individual formulations based on specific job requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our revolutionary system and how it can work for your next project!