About Us

Our primary goal is to preserve Earth’s precious natural resources and the lives of her inhabitants by reducing fresh water consumption, hazardous emissions and airborne pollutants during the hydraulic fracturing process so that the impact is limited on local communities within the fracturing regions and the planet as a whole.

FracSolution Technologies will continue to build upon our expertise, technology and team to be the company of choice for well operations seeking greater value in the proppants they use on site. We are committed to continually researching and developing new innovations to improve the quality of our products while lowering costs for our customers and industry partners, keeping any impact on the environment at the forefront of every decision we make.


Who We Are

Based out of Houston, Texas, FracSolution Technologies has quickly been gaining momentum through interest in our exciting new Aqua Diversion System.  We pride ourselves in our honest work ethic and loyalty to our customers and employees.

We strive to become industry leaders and can only achieve this through innovative ingenuity and commitment to excellence in everything we do.  Our bio-based Aqua Diversion System perf balls, frac balls and particles are no exception to this commitment and aid in improving efficiency in hydraulic fracturing while keeping environmental concerns in mind.

“In searching for a non-standard size biodegradable ball for acid work I approached Frac Solution Technologies who were willing to make me the non-standard size. The customer eventually decided on a 7/8” ball, but because of Frac Solution Technologies willingness to make a 3/4” ball for me I tried their “Aqua Perf Balls” in a 20,000 gallon treatment. The Treatment had a pump time of about an hour so some of the 400 balls were loaded in the gun for nearly two hours and we had no problem getting them to leave the gun. We saw good diversion near the end of the job as we expected and I was pleased with the overall performance of the “Aqua Perf Balls”. I’ve since reordered them because we also liked their lower price point which in this market is very important.”Mike Johnston – Torqued-Up Energy Services